Well, if you have got this far you are obviously curious how Wallaroo IT Services got the name. After all, what have Wallaroos got to do with IT?

The reason is fairly simple. My family and I have been devoted wildlife carers and rescuers for over 12 years. During that time we have rescued and rehabilitated over 100 animals of many different species including wallabies, kangaroos, wallaroos, possums, quolls and bandicoots. Of course of all the animals that we have raised, wallaroos have to be our favourite. They are full of personality, devoted, solitary and sometimes very hard to get along with! They are also resilient, hardy and true blue Aussie characters!

Speaking from experience, being a wildlife carer and rescuer is no easy task so we salute those devoted people out there who give freely of their time, money and resources to help our native friends. Without you many native animals would not have a chance.

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